Our technologies can generate leads, promote special offers, support other campaigns, communicate with customers and raise your visibility in your market.

We enable you to cost-effectively communicate with your market in a way that’s immediate and relevant. With BuzPromo, you can:
  •     Nurture leads
  •     Build brand awareness
  •     Obtain prospects
  •     Build customer loyalty
  •     Generate sales

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Are you running a business,marketing executive,MLM,want to sell your products,sim cards,mobiles,any other products,LIC,and to those who need some referrals then BuzPromo is for You. You can usually launch a campaign and measure your results fairly quickly, making our technology a great option for time-sensitive programs. It’s easy and inexpensive to test different aspects of your campaign on a segment of your list, so you can hone your creative and your offer to generate the best possible results.

Our Mission is to  use this mass media to promote your business to  the World of Business Competitions.We totally differ from others through our vision.

Our Trick is not to take part in the World Of Competitions but to  create OUR OWN path. Only way to avoid competition is to become creative.Thats our Vision.

Our Valuable Services are:

  •             Website Promotion
  •           Creating Banners,Logos
  •           Publishing in the Websites,Blogspots
  •           E-mail  Marketting
  •           Mobile Marketting

All these efforts are  completly free.Yes absolutely free for all the customers .


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